Sakeji Bush Talk

March 1999

The Freezing Sakeji Water

On the first Saturday of the first term we went swimming. It was our first day swimming with Brian. We went down to the swimming pool, lined up against the edge ready to get in. Mr. Raymond told us one at a time to do a width of breast stroke and then it was Brian's turn. Brian was shaking with fear and Jeremiah was too.

The water was freezing when we dived in. The next width was the back stroke which is one of our favourite strokes. The last stroke that we did was the crawl and that is one that we don't like.

Then Brian got out of the water and went up to Mr. Raymond and asked if Jeremiah could get out too because he was frozen. Mr. Raymond said that he could. So Brian went to get changed. Then the rest of the class got out of the pool on Mr Raymond's command. When Brian was changed he came out to see his friends by the pool telling each other how cold they were. Then we went to the river and started to make a dam. We made a plane too. Then Brian had to go home and leave the cold Sakeji water!

- Brian Wolford and Jeremiah Mutala

Weird Teachers

All the Teachers were weird some time ago. We all thought something was wrong with them.

Miss Hazel Andrews went into the tree house and down the slide with a grade one boy named Kapulu. Mr Raymond went on the trampoline before supper and we all crowded around him. Miss Deacon was running with Fanta the dog. I was so hilarious because we had never seen any of the teachers acting like this.

Mr Terry come down the Zambezi Rapids with us on our class trip. Miss Millard fell into a ditch at night when the Brass Tacks Men were digging trenches for electric cables.

It was amazing because all of this happened in one term.

- Rhona Park and Tinashe Bushe

End of Term

December 1998. Everyone was on the roundabout watching for their parents. The cars started pulling up to collect their loved ones.

Children were running for their parents.

The crowd began to shrink...and shrink...and shrink; soon a few of my friends and I were the only ones left.

I was just about to give up when around the corner came that ever-familiar Chevy Luv! From then until supper time I was reunited with my family.

When the supper-bell rang I got my food and ate it with Josiah, my younger brother.

After supper I went to get ready for the end of term concert.

The next day I got up with the bell and readied myself for the day. I went outside and waited for my parents. Once more I waited...and waited...and waited. The breakfast bell went and my parents hadn't even woken up yet!

After breakfast I tried to stick with my parents but kept on losing them.

When it was time to go we packed up, said our final goodbyes and left for home.

- Levi Carter

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