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March 1999 - Page 2

Late Friday Night

On Friday I woke up feeling very tired. Thursday had been a very tiring day. I lazed in bed for a while and then I remembered that I had a piano lesson. I got up and got dressed then I raced down to the main school. For some reason I thought that the day would drag by very slowly. And it did.

The first few lessons of the day dragged by so slowly. The rest of the day was very hot and wet all at one time.

In Rally it suddenly poured with rain. I got on with the badge work we had been given and in no time at all rally was finished. Then I began to think, "Now that Rally has finished, no more exciting things will happen." But then I asked one of my friends, "What shall we do after supper?" Her answer reminded me that tonight was FRIDAY NIGHT.

- Clara Kafwimbi

On Friday we had our first late Friday night. After all the girls in grades one through six went to bed, we grade seven girls stayed in our sitting room and Mr Carroll lit us a fire in the fireplace. We danced to some gospel music, and played some games while we ate pizza, brownies, biscuits and braided bread with icing o top. We also drank some hot chocolate.

At 8:30 Mr Carroll came down to the sitting room and told us we were supposed to be in bed by then. We hadn't been told before and we thought we were supposed to go to bed at 8:45. So we were quite unprepared. We quickly tidied up and we went to bed a little later than we were supposed to.

- Suwilanji Namusamba and Ntiusya Mutala

Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is on Independence Day on the 24 October. It's an exciting night. After supper a staff member lights up the fire, which has bamboo in it. We all run around the fire. When the bamboo pops we say it's a gunshot and fall on the ground.

When the fire dies down we play games. The most well known game we play is 'This Way Valerie'. We nearly always play it. After a few games we have the most exciting part: the fireworks. We all gather round to watch but we have to keep a good distance away. They make a lot of noise and I enjoy the colours.

After that the children go and look for the left over fireworks. We sing, then the juniors have juice and cookies and go to bed. We seniors stay up with the teachers for a while. Then it's our turn to have snack, and then be go to bed. What a tiring night!

- Lula Kasenzi

Log Hunting

One day we were down at the river so Justin and I decided we both needed logs for our half term houses so we went to ask the teacher on duty, which was Mr Raymond, if we could go on a log hunt to the water wheel. So we climbed down into the water and went to the island.

The island was full of sticks and logs so we started to collect some logs and sticks. We collected some logs. We started to take the logs across the river and put them on the other side. Then we left them and went back for milk and cookies.

Then we went back to collect them with Martin Pflaum. We acrried most of them in one load. We had three logs left. Martyn and Joey were told to come and help up so we got another log for Martyn. So Martyn carried one with Joey and the rest of us carried one of our own.

- Ben Allen


In class our main theme is communication and transport. So we decided to do an assembly about it. We made gymnastic pyramids with the syllables Com-mun-i-ca-tion. We did a few skits which everybody enjoyed. Most of them included staff members names. The forms of communication we acted out were telephone, pictures, speaking, prayer, a jungle doctor story, mission radio, radio link with Kalene and Hillwood, news magazines, e-mail, satellite phone, fax and letters. The funniest skit was the radio link. Sonny imitated Miss McCall's Scottish accent.

We acted out prayer last for a special reason. All the children who were supposed to be listening to the prayer were not listening except one. Then after the acting we asked, "How many people were communicating with God?" Next we asked, "Will you communicate with God today?"

- Ntiusya Mutala

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