Sakeji Bush Talk

20 November 2003 - Page 1


Dear Sakeji Families,

We continue to thank the Lord for those He has sent us to help in the work here at Sakeji. Whether long-term or short-term workers, each one has jumped right in to the various activities that make up the picture of "Life at Sakeji School." It has been thrilling to see what He is doing in knitting our hearts together in love (see Col. 2:2), "that we may with one mind and one mouth glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ." (see Rom. 15:5,6). Having had foot surgery six weeks ago today, I am thrilled with the 'object lesson' the Lord gives daily of His work in knitting together members of the body. Daily, as the healing process continues, He reminds me that it is His purpose that both feet walk together -- in harmony! -- without even a limp! His ways are wonderful as He selects members for His team here, drawing us from widely scattered countries and walks of life, and knits us together, having breathed into each of us the Spirit of His Life.

Then He asks something akin to His question of Ezekiel of old: "Son of man, can these members (bones) function together?" (see Ezek. 37:3-5) Ezekiel's answer was, "Lord, You know!" He then instructed Ezekiel to speak to those members' saying, "Here the Word of the Lord". How important "regularly hearing the Word of the Lord" is in being workers together!

What a demonstration of God's Power and Wisdom it must have been for Ezekiel to witness that shaking and coming together of those old, dry, lifeless bones. Strong sinews developed before his eyes, and a covering of skin -- and Life was breathed into them -- so that they would know that He was the Lord before whom all men everywhere will one day bow!

Now, this is not intended to be a commentary on Ezekiel's prophecy concerning Israel! but, rather a simple illustration of God's infinite power in making alive those who were dead, bringing us to life in working body -- for the glory of His Name. Pray with us, please, to this end, and thank Him for what He has already done.

Mrs Ronald


Birthday Party

Birthday Bash!

Yesterday we had the birthday party. It was especially fun because my birthday was this term, so I got to be counted as a birthday girl. We had different kinds of cakes and the food was yummy! Yikucha and I got to go around and pick cakes from the other tables because we were birthday girls. We got sweets, hair things, and gum. Oh how I wish we could have the birthday party every single day! After the birthday party we had sparklers. Then we went to bed.

~ Thelma Liuma, Grade 4

At the birthday party we had lots of fun. People did different skits, and they were all funny. Mrs. Young and the other staff members who helped bake and decorate did a wonderful job. There were lots of different kings of cakes like race car cakes, swimming pool cakes, and other kinds of cakes. I really had a nice time at birthday party!

~ Esther Kampamba, Grade 5

We look forward to reintroducing grade eight in the coming year -- Lord willing. It will still involve two classes being taught by each teacher -- which is what we now have, except for grades 1, 2 and 3 which are presently under one teacher. The addition of another teacher in 2004 will be a relief, but we still look to the Lord for His calling of those He has fitted for long-term commitment to teaching at Sakeji.

Expected enrolment for the coming year is presently up by 12 with another 12 hoping to interview in the next two weeks. Again, we would ask for prayer that wisdom from above may be discerned in the admission process.

We are currently in the process of building new staff homes, a visitor's block, refurbishing older structures, clearing an airstrip, and harnessing the power of the Sakeji stream for electricity. All this is keeping everyone pretty busy, but is also seeing the hand of the Lord in blessing. The rains are in their beginnings now, but the Lord seems to be orchestrating the rains after working hours! Quite amazing!

It's time now to bring this to a close, however, before we do we again want you to know that your fellowship with us here is a real encouragement -- and we thank the Lord for you.

In His love and service,

R.B. Young, Sakeji