Sakeji Bush Talk

18 July 2004 - Page 1


Our Class Trip

We (gr. 1-4) walked to a village with Mrs. Loudon, Miss Avery, and Miss Young. It took us an hour. We had fun on the way. Miss Janette took some of our food in the car. Mrs. Joyce Chilengi showed us how to soak the cassava for 3 to 4 days She showed us where to put the cassava in the rainy season in the chota. She taught us how to put the cassava to dry on the table outside in the dry season. We pounded cassava, and prepared some of our lunch. She showed us how to cook nshima. We had fun looking at the lady cooking nshima. We ate lunch. We ate nshima, vegetables, and meat and something like okra (wusi). We saw a mouse. I had fun petting the mouse. We saw one of the children cooking and eating it. We saw a big eagle flying in the sky. We had rest hour there. During rest hour, Tahana, Mukuka, and Deirdre pounded and sifted more meal for Joyce and her family. We had fun and got oranges. Joyce showed us the roots in her field and how she digs the cassava. When we walked back, it was long.

~ the Grade 1 and 2 class

Sports Day Fun!

Sports day was nice. I was on Blue. We ran at sports day. I was first. Then we were throwing the ball. I came second. It was fun. Wow! The seniors-1,2,3,4- were running the relay race. Blue won. I was happy!

~ Mbingila Kamwana, Grade 2

We ran on sports day. We did a dressing race. We pulled a rope in tug-of-war. We jumped into the sand pit.

~ Lemekani Soko, Grade 2

How to Make Nshima

1. First we soak the cassava (for three days)
2. Then we peel it.
3. Then we let it dry.
4. When it's dry we pound it.
5. Then we sift it.
6. Then we cook it.
7. Then we eat it.

~ Grace Kamwana, Grade 4

With Rhyme and Reason?

Last Wednesday we had Birthday party, and the teachers turned into their costumes. We ate some food and then Old Mother Hubbard came up and told us rhymes. Then she got her dog and told us to make up a rhyme to the sound in the dining room. There were posters about rhymes like Humpty Dumpty and Little Bo-Peep and Hot Cross Buns. We ate cake and sweets. I didn't eat any because I was sick. We ate also hamburgers and chips and we drank some drinks. The grade 7 and 8's did reading theater. Then the birthday party had finished and we put our bubble gum in the bin. Then we went to the dorm and brushed our teeth.

~ Kachinvya Silwamba, Grade 4


Costumes, Rhymes, Cake and Chips! One Horay and Two Hip Hips!

On Birthday Party Miss Janette was Humpty Dumpty and Mrs. Larose was Little Bo-Peep and the pre-schoolers were the sheep. It was fun. We ate hamburgers and chips. It was yum! In my cracker I got two sweets. We ate ice cream. The cake we had was a Humpty Dumpty cake.

~ Chilombo Mukosai, Grade 4

Birthday Party (A Noise Poem)

Ring a-ling a-ling,
"Happy birthday, everyone!"
Groan-Oh no,
It's bedtime!

~ the Grade 5 and 6 class

Book Week Blast Off! We Love Reading!

Book week started last Monday and it is fun! The book worm's name is B.W. And there is a contest to see which class can read the most books. It is grade 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8. I like book week very very much.

~ Chisanzo Zulu, Grade 4

Book week is exciting! I think our grade is in the lead. It started on Monday, and this is the last day. The caterpillar is very long now. We have make it go all around the dining room now and more. I have read about five or six thick books.

~ Daniel Sng, Grade 4

I really enjoyed book week. We managed to get the book worm all around the dining room and doubled it and every day we had a demonstration of what we were going to read about. Some people brought short books and some brought long books. We had fairy tales, autobiographies and others.

~ Anita Ngoma, Grade 4