Sakeji Bush Talk

18 July 2005 - Page 1


Chi and Kachi get ready to ride home from the cottage


On Half-Term I ate hot dogs. We watched Madeline. Half-term was really nice. We went to the cottage. We went to the river. For lunch we had nshima. We went hiking at the cottage, We had no school. I played a lot. We had exercise. I played with Lemekani. We had fun. We played tag. We laughed a lot. I was happy. I wore my P.E. clothes,. Lemekani was happy. Milembo was happy.

~ Tinashe Zulu, Grade 3

Yesterday was half term and the day before. After breakfast I played the piano. I made a house out of boxes. Then I played in it. Than the bell rang and I went to get sweets. Mr. Ronald said we could not have sweets unless we picked up a piece of garbage. After I got my sweets I went on the monkey bars. I went back in the dorm and I played with my doll. Then we had milk and cookies and we went down to the river. I asked it I could climb a tree, I climbed the tree and I read in the tree. The next day we went to the cottage. We had swimming then we went hiking to the falls. Some of us swam in the water. We had lunch at the cottage. We were at the cottage for the whole day. Half Term was nice. I like being at Sakeji School.

~ Womba Musumali, Grade 4


On Tuesday, May 17, we went to Saufola School. We went there to show God's love to the grade seven students. We each had made a package which consisted of a verse, pens, pencils, erasers, crayons, and notebooks. I had fun making the package and giving it out. It was nice to see the students' faces when we gave them the packages. I think they were happy. The walking was kind of easy. We had each made two packages, so we had some leftover. We gave them out while walking back. I had fun!

~ Kayla Robertson, Grade 8

We went to Sakufola School. We carried the books, rubbers, pens and pencils that were for the grade sevens. When we gave them all the things, they thanked us. We talked to them about love. Then we came back to Sakeji School.

~ Kamiji Masaha, Grade 5


The red fox reminds me of discretion because it turned down the invitation to do what was wrong. He did not chose the cows which would have been fun. He just moved quietly, wisely mixing his scent with theirs. The fox also reminds me of discretion because he never made fun or laughed at the hounds when they couldn't find him. The fox also showed good manners by not leaving his scent for the hounds who were trying to find him. These are some examples of discretion.

~ Christina Kamwana, Grade 7



We had lots of fun on Half-Term. We had lunch down at the river, swam, and had rest hour. The seniors swam at the dam. We swam at the river. It was fun! Red-sealers could swim at the Initial Tree. It was fun playing, jumping, and swimming in the river. Tamira went home so she missed HalfTerm sweets. I was so excited because my sister's birthday was tomorrow (on Half-Term). On her birthday, we went to the cottage. We had lunch, rest hour, and swam, We went to some falls. It was nice at the falls. We had fruit, crisps and sandwiches. Mmmm nice!

~ Mbingila Kamwana, Grade 3

Half-term was so much fun at the cottage
After we had lunch, we went for a
Long walk to see some falls.
Finally we had another swim.
Then they said after lunch that
Everyone has to go for a hike.
Riding on (driving) in the truck with
Many people was fun.

~ Chipema Chinyama, Grade 4


Oh Lord save me! Lord if you just let me out of this fishes belly, I will go to Nineveh, Thank you for saving me by letting me be swallowed by a fish! Sorry for running away from you. I have now learned that no one can ever run away from you. If you will just get me out of here alive, I will go to Nineveh to warn the people. I will never run away again. Amen.

~ Akhoza Ngoma, Grade 7


The morning was very cold. I started doing my warm-ups. I was quite nervous at the beginning of the 1000 meter run. I started off at a steady pace with long strides, I was out front. Then I let A.J., Kayla, and Kunda pass me by about 10 meters when we reached the end of the air strip. I started gaining on Kayla. When we reached Miss Hoyte's house I managed to pass her. Then I tried Kunda, but it was too close to the finish line. I was on the podium! Third out of the whole school. That race really warmed me up for the rest of Sports Day, although there was one race where I hurt my knee quite badly.

~ Tom Kabwe, Grade 7

On Monday, July 4th we had sports, races, and activities and fun! We had a dress up race. Mr. Ronald was the sports owner. We had running races. We had a ball toss. We did high jump. We had relay races.

Have you ever felt like your tummy was tied in knots? Have you ever tried to get something off your mind and you couldn't? Have you ever sat down to think of what's going to happen if I ... ? Have you ever worried about what's going to happen tomorrow, Well if you have, then we're buddies! It was Sports Day and I was scared, But you know, God had it all planned out. Sports Day was actually fun! I don't know why I went through all that worrying. I just had to let God take care of it.

~ Esther Kampamba, Grade 7


This mighty Man of whom I sing,
The greatest of them all,
Was once a tiny little thing,
Just 18 inches tall.

I knew Him as a tiny tot.
I nursed Him on my knee.
I used to sit Him on the pot,
And wait for Him to wee.

I always washed between His toes,
And cut His little nails.
I brushed His hair and wiped His nose,
And weighed Him on the scales.

~ Chisha Kapumpa, Grade 6