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Excerpts from the Newsletter to Parents

June 2000

ONCE AGAIN WE ARE PLEASED to be able to report that out term is running smoothly. The children are happily settled and security issues have remained very much in the background for the moment, for which we are thankful. It is a nice time of year now with clear days and cold nights. It was a big surprise to get rain on two consecutive nights this month -- most unusual for June.

Formal swimming has stopped now and the children are preparing for the athletic sports, which will be held on 3 July. The weather is ideal for outings and field trips and these have been going ahead. Our cottage on the Zambezi remains a popular destination, but Grade 5 will be visiting Kalene Hospital and the Zambezi Rapids on 20 June. Two Rally groups will be having their cookouts down at 'Scout Haven' on the Sakeji River. All of these outings extend the children's experience and give them challenges and knowledge which are not always possible in the classroom.

THIS IS THE FIRST TIME in six year of more that we have had as many as 15 staff members. Welcome back this term to Mick and Chris Terry, who have been on leave in the UK for the past two terms. Welcome also to Lloyd and Rachel Evans from New Zealand. Mrs Evans is an occupational therapist and a former pupil, and Mr Evans is a teacher. Both have settled in admirably to the duties and demands of Sakeji, and we are sorry they will only be with us for this term. We are encouraged to see God's provision for our staffing needs, especially at this time when we are so busy with the organisation for the 75th Anniversary. Our staffing situation for term 3 is quite unclear as yet.

The Birthday Party

I saw candles burning. I saw the cake. It looked like the bells. I heard the boys singing. I heard laughing. I smelt the food. I tasted cake and orange drink. I felt happy Jesus was with me.

Mercy Chinyama, Grade 1

WE CONTINUE TO BE most appreciative of the help given to the school by so many kind and generous friends. Sakeji is definitely a better place for your children because of the input of all these willing people. Bob Young again spent some days with us over the beginning of term assisting with maintenance. Ann Allen has put in hours of work this term making curtains for the new administration building. Eddie Allen and his MMM team -- Rob Somerville, Reid Anderton and Barton Musonda -- have been making and installing cabinets, shelving and curtain rails.

Dentists Peter Chilvers and Elastus Chonde were here with Mr Patching's dental unit earlier in the term. We are thankful to them for attending to all the children's teeth.

On 18 June John and Bev Porter arrive from Australia to help for the month prior to the Anniversary. They will be putting the finishing touches on guest accommodation and other facilities necessary for the big event. Paul Hannay, who has been on several work parties to Sakeji over the past five years, will be helping us again in July with electrical needs. He will travel out from the UK with his wife Angela and his son Simon, neither of whom have been to Zambia before.

The Birthday Party

I saw someone who looked like a bonfire. Guess who that was? It was Miss Janette. I heard lots of talking and laughing. I had fun. I smelt the nice smell of cake and ice cream. I tasted some sweets they were very nice sweets. I also tasted some chips they were savoury. I felt very happy. It was very fun.

Erika Stark, Grade 2

THE 75th ANNIVERSARY starts at breakup on 19 July, and promises to be the biggest celebration the school has ever had. The formalities will begin with the opening of the Administration Building at 4:00 pm. At the moment over 200 guests are already registered, not including the parents of those children currently enrolled. Our staff are now organising accommodation, beds and camping areas.

We would like to thank Mrs Annie Maseka for her pledge of 40 frozen chickens for the Anniversary, Mrs Hilda Mutti for the pledge of a large quantity of peanut butter, and Mrs Josephine Makondo for her promise to donate and arrange roses for the event. These contributions are extremely generous. They show a commitment to Sakeji and an appreciation of the significance of Sakeji in the lives of their children. We appreciate this very much. We also thank Board Member Mr Harold Rea for the time he has given to organising transport for overseas visitors, and Mrs Eira Patching for her willingness to organise the catering.

With warm greetings from us all.


Matthew F. Raymond

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